Who is the best company for photobooks

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Re: Who is the best company for photobooks

Several people have mentioned Blurb. The link below discusses paper choices at Blurb, but the blog also includes pages devoted to comparing various companies that produce photobooks.

Your choice may be influenced by the software that you already have or that may be available from the book company. For example, Blurb offers free downloading of its own software. However, FWIW, I'm just now using the (free) beta version of Lightroom 4, which includes a book module. Presently it allows direct uploading only to Blurb, although the final version might include one or more additional companies. Even if you don't use the myriad other features of Lightroom, the book module could help you with your project. You need only import your images into a Lightroom catalog and then drag and drop them into the templates; and LR will resize the photo (Blurb prints at 300 dpi) and output sharpen for the chosen print size.

I'm nearly finished with a ca. 140 page book with about 385 images. It wasn't hard. A hardcover version with the heaviest paper (the proline pearl) should cost about $160.


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