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BeeJayEff wrote:

Given that I do very little post-processing yet, but am expecting to do more, is there some reason why I should spend money on PSE and/or Lightroom, rather than investing time in learning how to use DPP and GIMP ?

I won't comment on the reasons why GIMP might not be as represented on these forums, but as to a reason why you might need to spend money on an editing platform, I'd say starting with GIMP is great.

Fundamentally, the majority of actions that you would need to understand the concepts of exist in both PS and GIMP. Layers, layer blending modes, color curves, etc... Likely a large percentage of what you would want to do in manipulating an image would involve some combination of these basic functions.

Invest your time in learning the theory and understanding what these base manipulations will allow you to do. The button pushing to make them happen will come alot faster if you decide to switch software. If you start in GIMP - you don't really lose much deciding to switch later (though some, like me, have been perfectly fine sticking with it).

(I know the layer blending modes are not exactly the same between them, but they are pretty darn close - and GIMP will expose you to most of the layer modes that PS has).

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