Test of VR 70-300mm and VR 500 f4mm

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Re: 55-300 vs 70-300 Ole how do you get such sharp inages?

karlreed wrote:

Hi Ole..

How do you get such sharp images as those with the dolls, and, at such hi iso?

You are a wizard, and I'd like to learn your magic..

karl, no secret sauce here

Even with the tiny DOF of the VR 500mm the V1's AF is very precise and totally spot on, and more precise than my D300, because of the sensor plane AF sensors.

The solid tripod and quality of light including the direction of light coming from both various angles above from the bounced flash and frontal a little to the side using the flash's build-in bounce card (only 10mm out) helps getting sharp detailed images. I didn't use high ISO in these pictures, only ISO200 to keep the same ISO at all tested apertures (wide open to f8).

After changing aperture I let the vibration calm down waiting 6-8s before triggering the ML-L3 remote with a 2s delay. I sit totally still on a chair until the picture is taken. The floor in my living room at 1st floor is a wood construction because of the full basement below, and at the longest focal lengths used I could see vibrations from my wife's stealth walk around in the kitchen

I don't believe my PP sharpening technique in Nikon Capture NX2 using the Picture Control's sharpening changed to a value of 1 as a kind of RAW pre sharpening, and then as last step a combined USM and High Pass sharpening is much different than the sharpening used in Lightroom or Photoshop.

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