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Re: At the Zoo...the cute and the serious


These are all really, really impressive and I was just (jealously :-)) chasing down the lens and exif data when I saw this related post on the MFT forum...

I was particularly interested in the comments about low "keeper" rates because I have had the same problem with this camera using the 14 to 140 lens. For me it is mostly focus and stability issues that cause the high loss rate but dull flat jpegs with a higher than normal pp needed haven't helped either and I experience nothing like this with any other camera that I have used. It always feels like a fair bit of hard work is needed to get the best out of the camera which then tends to detract from the pleasure of taking pictures in the first place.

Because of the general praise heaped upon this system and some excellent shots that I have had I've been putting this down to it being either a lens or a numpty user issue and I'm torn between investing in some different lenses or selling the system entirely.

I hope you don't mind the enquiry but in your view how does the GH2 measure up to other camera and lens combinations that you've used? And is there a particular lens that gives you a more satisfying keeper rate?



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