inkjet head cleaning fluid; which to buy...

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Re: inkjet head cleaning fluid; which to buy...

rojj wrote:

Hello, I'm going to purchase an inkjet head cleaning fluid and would like a little advice on what to buy. There's Piezo Flush from inkjet mall, Print Head Cleaner from ink, a head cleaning from inkjetfly, a head cleaning fluid from fix yourown Any advice would be appreciated. The PiezoFlush and PrintHeadCleaner look similar, and the head cleaner from fixyourown is allegedly what Epson uses, but it's pricey. Windex would probably work, but I'm not sure it's good for the printer, Epson R1800. I'm usiing CIS by the way... thanks.

I haven't used the head cleaning fluids myself. Inkjet mall and inkjetfly are vendors I am familar with and would trust their products. Now as for the Windex I have used it successfully on my R300 and R1800. However you don't inject the windex into the printing cartridge itself. What I have done is to use a half sheet of paper towel and fold it to the width of the head track and make sure that the paper towel doesn't touch the printhead or interfer with the head movement. I then soaked the towel in Windex with Ammonia D and moved the print head over the top of the towel. I left it like that over night. The next day I moved the printhead off of the towel and it was full of ink blobs. I was able to print a nozzel check and almost all of the nozzels were clean. Then I powered down the printer again, while the head was not in the locked position, and put several drops of windex on the parking pad. This pad sits right under the head when the unit powers off. This is the pad on the left of the head cleaning pad. I think that it is the ammonia vapors that do the work and if you could stand it straight ammonia might work better and faster but who wants to deal with that smell.

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