X-10 canvas-like texture in dark areas

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Tom Schum
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Re: X-10 canvas-like texture even in EXR mode!

I did a test this evening using a bright light to illuminate a nice pottery piece, one of my wife's favorites.

I get the canvas-like texture on every combination of 12 Mpix shots that I tried, and all EXR shots.
I do not get it when I use 6 Mpix mode: Size M, quality F, ISO 100, DR100.

I used JPGs right out of the camera and post processed them in Photoshop Elements 9. The EXR shot was sharpened 100% at a radius of 0.3 pixels, and the 6 Mpix shot was sharpened 400% at a radius of 0.3 pixels, because I was unable to see any texture at any level of oversharpening. The 12 Mpix shot was not sharpened. On all these shots I used Photoshop to brighten the cropped areas as well. All the 100% crops view the same area in the top right of the image. All shots were done with -1 EV (didn't notice this at the time).

On the 12 Mpix 100% crop, I tried downsizing by the root of 2 to give me a view as if it were shot at 6 Mpix, but the texture remained in the downsized image (not shown below).

Going into this test, I expected to find that this problem was related to the DR mode setting with large file size only, and would disappear with DR100. Not so!

This problem is easiest to find in slightly unfocused areas that are consistently colored. Look in the green area near the center of the 100% crops, and you will see the texture.

It appears that if I am going to enlarge a photo to the max, I am limited to 6 Mpix mode. The other modes all produce the canvas-like effect, at least on my particular X10.

You might be saying that if I don't oversharpen this will not be a problem. However, after printing a different photo last night (shot with bright lighting at 12 Mpix, then printed onto 13"x19" with Epson R2000) I clearly saw the texture in the print! It's not altogether a bad thing, to have that texture, but it is not very pleasant to have no control of it. That's why I did these tests this evening.

See photos below.

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