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good Macro Filter is a good option

123val wrote:


I'd like to start trying out macro photography and wondered whether it is worth using macro filters before investing in a macro lens. Are macro filters any good?

Some macro filters are good, as others have explained. I use my macro filters more than I use my macro lenses even though I've a couple of excellent macro lenses.

Here's why: A good +5 filter (Raynox 150 (208mm), Marumi +5 (200mm), Canon 250D(250mm)...) easy to mount on a long zoom -200mm or -300mm lens will give excellent macros at least in the center of the field - but that's all you need for most natural subjects. Plus the viewfinder image will be bright.

The range of magnifications covered with a zoom will be continuous up to around 1.5- 2x - about the limit of what can be hand-held. The working distance is about 8" which is similar to a dedicated 100mm macro lens at 1:1.

The macro filter is small & lightweight and a great addition to your walkabout kit - "just in case". I carry one in my small bag or pocket.

Unless you know you need sharpness & flatness out to the photo's edges, like for stamps, Starting with a good close-up filter on a long lens is a good way to start.

If you get a dedicated macro lens later your close-up filter will still be useful.

Magnification is about Lens.focal.length/close-up.focal.length and working distance is about equal to the close-up.filter's focal length.

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