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Re: a cheaper filter on the lens

cluna wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

No, a birefringent thickness changes with focal length if before the lens.

I would like to see your examples.

Just for the hell of it I googled it for you:

"Q. Why not install an anti-aliasing / anti-moiré filter in front of the lens?

A. To work well, this would require a different filter for each lens focal length."

Samples. Raw. To see the amount of change. That is what I asked.

If you are just stopping down the lens with the filter to reduce aliasing

Nobody I know of does that.

You are doing it with the panty hose ..... It is reducing the effective aperture and inducing diffraction.

I see, you mixed two things up, and do not fully understand how soft filters work.

your women's stocking over the lens

My? If you only knew how many times it was used since the beginning of photography.

It is an old technique, nothing new. I was stating that in a possessive sense.

"Possessive sense"? ROFL

I see you discarded and swept the part of providing evidence under the rug.

Because your answer was nonsense. Billboards do not need high resolution. You are not qualified to judge what are studio problems because you never shot in studio and never researched the topic; not because you are an engineer and not a working pro photographer. Print processor is a device, not a human being. Short, you do not know what you are talking about and do not want to research before speaking out.

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