S100 - Love the camera, but ~$400 worth?

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Re: S100 - Love the camera, but ~$400 worth?

I understand your yearning for a future-proof camera. It isn't going to happen, nor are you going to get DSLR IQ from anything with a small sensor. Having owned an ILC (Oly Pen2), I can tell you that IQ is acceptable, but at double the price of a compact, plus:

  1. they're just as bulky as DSLRs with their lenses

  2. they're just as slow and unreliable as compacts in low light and difficult AF situations

  3. the interchangeable lens promise is appealing, but in practice too expensive for the resulting IQ from the body.

I know they've made some progress in the last 18 months, but I still find ILCs a hard sell.

Still, I don't think an iPhone 5/6/7 is going to get high-end compact owners worried for a while yet; the lens and sensor technology aren't there and won't be for a long while.

Have you considered the LX5 or the Lytro?

My disclaimer: I own an S100 and am aware of its limitations. I too think it's overpriced. I also own a 5DII and a 7D, which are my reference points for IQ / handling and I don't do any video.

Sorry, not much help, really, but what you're looking for really doesn't exist, IMO.

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