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Re: V1.12 firmware update?

No, my hypothesis is that it's a threading issue that only manifests itself while writing to the card. There is a way to test this, but it involves buying an SD card made this century.

Indeed. That sounds very likely. But if that's the case it smells of non-robust software. It should be able to cope with even the most ancient memory cards (albeit slowly) provided it's compatible.

I would concur, this is most likely the case, but not necessarily. Certainly any problems with the data pipeline or power delivery could easily manifest in this way. So I would test that you can replicate the issue with alternate batteries and SD cards.

That's exactly what I was planning to do today. So far I can not 100% replicate the issue. But when it happens, it's usually when I change the EV or Aperture dial quickly after taking a shot (while it's still writing).

I'll see if another card (or using RAW instead of JPEG) has any effect.

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