Looking for starter lenses for K5

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Re: Looking for starter lenses for K5

Yeah, I think that is an obvious set to go for; get a Sigma 17-70, Pentax 55-300mm and a prime or 2 you might like – depends on the focal length you want. The 35mm f2.4 is good, you could get some old manual lenses for cheap to play with too.

I've got the 43mm and really like it, but you might not want to pony up that much at this point – depends on you, though I find it a nice focal length for me (I find the 50mm a bit narrow at times too)

You could get a wide angle 10-20mm or 8-16mm SIgma or 10-17mm pentax fisheye – if you like that sort of thing. Depends on you. No need to buy lots of lenses all at once; get one or 2 to start and grow into your needs, I would think. No rush.

All of those options would leave you with lenses you would still want to have even when you have more money later – as opposed to getting something you would just trade in later.
Good luck

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