What is wrong with Zeiss quality?

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What is wrong with Zeiss quality?


I am here to share a little bad adventure I am having with a Zeiss lens.

Mine is only 3 months old, bought new,...and already meets a lot of problems.

My Biogon is starting to have the wobble issue: the front element has a side-play.

Also, the focusing ring developed a little play too (around 1mm) and is not really smooth...

I expected much more from Zeiss !

It seems this problems are really common among ALL type of Zeiss lenses.

As I was really pleased, until now, with Zeiss IQ/Price ratio...I can say that I now highly regret to have made a confidence into this brand. What a fool I was to even think of building an entire system around this brand...

My aim was to built a system for Life...I know now I cannot trust Zeiss for that matter.

I went to Leica store today and tried some other second hand Zeiss lenses.

I was horrified to see that non of them had the same "feeling" about their focusing ring.
Some were stiff, some were sooo loose...and all of that on the same model!
How can this be...We are talking about Zeiss! The famous brand!

I know the price of size lenses are not up to Leica ones...But I think the manufacturing tolerances they have here are too low for a name like Zeiss.

My Zeiss is under warranty...but I decided not to continue with it. I will replace it with a Leica lens. I guess it makes more sense to use a Leica lens on a Leica body.

I hope this do not happen to any of Zeiss users around here because it is really disappointing.

I have a Summicron 50 on order. The Zeiss adventure stop here. Sadly.


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