K5 AE-L Not Working

Started Jan 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: K5 AE-L Not Working

Something interesting is happening with my K5.

Based on ozdean's suggestion that my camera is behaving correctly because I might have Ae linked to af point (which I do), I disabled that function and repeated the test of enabling ae lock with and without a half shutter press, and then moving the camera about from light to dark, with various half presses and releases. The lock performed exactly as it should, holding onto the exposure values.

I then re-enabled ae to af point linking to establish that as the cause of the ae lock values shifting.

Unfortunately (or actually fortunately) the values did not shift as they have been doing ever since I got the camera and started cursing that ae-l button. This is ultimately good because that means it's possible to have the ae-l button do exactly what it's supposed to do regardless of other settings.

The problem is it's not consistent, so maybe there's a firmware bug that makes the problem intermittent, or that the wrong sequence of enabling functions causes erratic behaviour.

Whatever the case, the suggestion to do a reset is probably a good one to see if it problem vanishes.

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