x100 samples and thoughts from a 5d2 user

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Re: x100 samples and thoughts from a 5d2 user

Iansky wrote:

Great set of images and your skill level clearly shows.

cheers Ian.

You will find many posts from people complaining about AF, MF and on......many are non owners/users as surely people would consider these factors before buying? Me, I don't have an issue with AF and find it fast enough for street and landscape and in MF I use AF/AE button to good effect - problem solved.

Agree with you. So far i've found the AF to be fast enough when you would expect it to be so - in good light. And slower in lower light - no surprise there. I really havn't found complaint with the AF so far. People just need to remember that this isn't a DSLR....so don't expect it to behave like one. No MF for me yet.

The quality of JPEG out of camera is probably some of the best I have seen and I have always been a Raw only user but the X100 is slowly changing my mind.

Again agreed on the JPG comment. I havn't even put it into RAW mode...as I mentioned above. And I do shoot RAW all the time on the 5d2.

Like you, I also find the retro look appealing as it reminds me of the Leica's I have owned and parted with.

Currently shooting landscapes and using SFX Pro2 for conversions - great combo.

those landscapes are spectacular.

Cheers for the comments.

I did some portrait work on the weekend at 2.8 and am even more impressed with it now.

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