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Re: How can PW overcome FP sync output loss?

jean bernier wrote:

SteveL54 wrote:

Ray Soares wrote:

Plz read this:

"High Speed Sync

Aside from the benefits of wireless TTL and CLS control, one other notable feature of the ControlTL system is the capability for high speed sync without significant loss of flash power.

I don't believe this claim unless one considers 2-3 stops of lost effective power isn't significant, or it only applies to cameras with global electronic shutters. (not D700 et. al.)


Well, as I already mentioned, speedlights used in cls fashion, but with PWiz radio control do not emit multiple preflashes (I assume, seems logical).

But the main controlling flash is still placed in commander mode so it will output the CLS preflashes anyway, unless the PW tricks the commander into suppressing the output, which I doubt.

So, a 30% economy of energy would not surprise me at all. I'm only speculating now. If only some kind soul would verify this for us...

Even if the commander unit didn't waste it's output on CLS preflashes it still wouldn't matter that much in high speed FP sync. When the flash operates in high speed FP sync mode it is output limited. Then, full output setting doesn't drain the capacitor like it does in normal x-sync mode. I can put my SB-800 in manual and set it to full output then pop off three fast shots in high speed continuous. The first three shots are all at maximum output. (the fourth is dark).


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