Need an everyday lens for a 60D

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Re: Need an everyday lens for a 60D

skanter wrote:

dave_bass5 wrote:

Calliope wrote:

It also has a better IS system, and its almost silent which makes it more usable for video than the noisy 17-55.

Except that variable aperture lenses like the 15-85 open and close while zooming, making ing zooming impossible while shooting video. The constant aperture of the 17-55 IS does not have this problem. Any serious videographe will not be using an on-camera mic anyway, so IS noise is not really a big issue.

Actually it isn't impossible all. Just set exposure (in A/V or M) based on the 15-85's max aperture at whatever the max focal length will be. For example, if zooming between 15mm and 85mm, set the aperture to f/5.6 (the lens' max aperture at 85mm) and there will be no problem throughout the zoom range. Similarly, if zooming between 15mm and 35mm, set aperture to f/4.5, etc., etc.

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