So you have about £300 to spend.......

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So you have about £300 to spend.......

Right, I'll keep it brief. Just getting into photography. First serious camera is a Nex 5N - pretty much just got what it came with - 16mm and 18-50.

I've enrolled on an evening course at the local art college and full of Photographic enthusiasm.

Anyway, I have had a clear out of tat on eBay and have accrued £300 to blow on kit.
Do I:
Buy the better flash

Go for one or several manual focus lenses (already have an industar but it's a bit agricultural) - if so, which one? I'd like something not too long and faster than 2.8. Or maybe a zoom.....

Wait for the SEL50F18

Buy a fancy tripod

Scrap the NEX and get an SLT

Go to a casino and put it all on red.

Several of the above.

Not interested in studio photography - like getting out and about. Like long exposures/night photography. Don't like to use the flash unless necessary (although know sometimes essential).

Thanks for any input.

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