Got the XS1 battery on charge.

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Re: Got the XS1 battery on charge.

TonyB51 wrote:

davestravelgear wrote:

Don't know what to do now, do I pull the trigger on the "now available in UK" X-S1 for my South Africa trip (which I leave for on Thursday!) or stick to my HS10??

I know I "should" stick with what I'm used to and is tried and tested, but I can't help think that this 2 month trip would be an ideal opportunity for an upgrade and up the anti a bit!

With over 900 bird species and countless other creatures (some that I will be working very closely with!) the extra IQ and speed seems logical. (even though the verdict is still out on the X-S1!)
Any thoughts?

You'll also need case, spare batts & in car charger etc. (lens protection ?) .. none of the HS10 stuff will fit. If you can pick it all up before Thursday, why not take both !!??
I wouldn't trust delivery companies though .. pick up in a shop if poss.
T'would be a real shame not to take the X-S1 on a trip like that ...

I would need a spare battery and filters of course, that would not be a problem, case is sorted as would still fit in my Crumpler Turkish Bath backpack, but taking both would be too much, I'm limited for space already and have my F550exr as a backup/nightime cam!

Thanks for the input though, if I'm going to go for it, I have to decide this afternoon as can get next day delivery and want at least one day playing before I go!

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