What is your other mirrorless camera next to your X100?

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Re: E-P3 + 45mm f1.8

pkincy wrote:

I certainly like your thinking. How do you comapre the IQ from the EP3/45 mm f1.8 to the X100?

They are pretty similar at low ISO, with the X100 becoming more and more impressive as light levels drop. I routinely shoot the X100 with auto ISO set to 3200 max.

My thoughts for the next body/lens combo mirror your choice although I think I may hold out a couple of months for the OM-D.

Definitely a good idea.

I am afraid the XPro 1 is too rich for my blood and its long lens is too slow for me (60 mm f2.4 Macro).

Yes, it's looking that way at the moment - although the market will surely mediate demand and supply through price. Let's see how prices look in a few months.


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