Best realistic HDR software? Or is the camera's HDR mode the best?

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Re: Best realistic HDR software? Or is the camera's HDR mode the best?

I tested Photomatix, LR/HDR Efex and PhotoEngine.

Photomatix is very limited settings wise.

Of course, ppl report natural/realistic results..because this is all the software can produce : very limited range, witch mean if you get difficult get nothing at the end.But the color balance is right.

PhotoEngine is very broad, you can get realistic/natural result and very creative ones.

So if you got difficult shots, you can always make them realistic because of the range of the settings.But the color balance is always wrong for me, whatever shots i use.When i use the "as shot" balance, all is wrong (whatever image format i use)

Always need to do manual adjustments to get it back to normal...and sometimes it just burn the final result.

LR/HDR Efex is the killer app (FOR ME, of course).You select your pictures in LR, export to HDR Efex.All is automated (import format, export format,alignment,ghosts...settings in HDR Efex and LR, be careful).

The first time, you get the default setting and all is already right : contrast, brightness...and the color balance is just perfect.

Just try the presets, and you get ultra natural to extreme outer-space results as base.
Tweak : you are in heaven.

Settings are VERY broad, and if you are not extremist, you can get very natural results too.

VERY impressing.I will test SNS HDR soon (thanks to all posters who talked about it), but for now and for me, LR/HDR Efex is the killer one to get all from natural to extreme HDR.It is just slower to calculate, but i don't care : i worked so fast with it after import it was faster than any other...

My first test, used only a natural preset on a difficult light coming from outside (5 shots):

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