Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

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Re: Downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens? Let's take a look!

The G1 is a great camera -- and furthermore, although it is pretty cheap nowadays, I am certain its value will increase as it takes its place in history as the game changer in the mirror > mirrorless revolution. It is an exceptionally well thought out design, excellent ergonomics, and the 14-45 lens is a jewel and its OIS is a wonder.

I have moved on to an Oly E-PL3 for even more lightness and portability ('m a clapped out old wreck!) -- but I have cunningly ensured my continued "kind of" proprietorship over the G1 and certainly access to it by putting it into the hands of my daughter who is a very keen photographer too.

But enough of words, some action:

Did somebody say processing was too slow to be an action camera? Rubbish! it performed beautifully in these action situations. In the first shot, I was cunningly taking advantage of the fully articulated screen, holding the camera as high over my head as I could in the jostling crowd and dawn light. For action stuff, try shooting in bursts (the flick of a switch on the G1). I was shooting RAW+JPEG here although I mostly use JPEG only.

The 14-45 is tack sharp -- a jewel of a lens.

And what of the in-camera flash? The flowers were in shadow from a structure on my left and just disappearing into the duller color of the sea; I wanted to get them and the dedication to stand up as dominant elements in the picture. Popped up the flash. Too harsh? I don't think so! And what great coverage!

Another shot from that morning on Mordialloc pier (Melbourne, Australia) from inside the little shelter that had been shadowing the flowers and using it as a frame. Interesting coincidence that it's 33mm focal length again -- same as for the cheese shot. More sharpness and action.

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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