K5 AE-L Not Working

Started Jan 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
DPNick Regular Member • Posts: 106
Re: K5 AE-L Not Working

I have this problem as well, and the only headway I've made in understanding the camera's logic is this: there seems to be a difference between locking the exposure while the shutter is half-pressed and while it is not.

If I have the meter on just moving the camera around, and then find an exposure I want to lock, so then press the Lock button, it will display the * but the camera will re-meter as I press the shutter. Iow, it seems the shutter half press "overrules" the Ae-L button, such that even with Lock on a half press wll re-meter.

If I press the Ae-L button while the shutter is half pressed, it seems to lock that value into memory, and even though the camera re-meters as I move it around, it comes back to the stored value when I half press the shutter again.

Try that avenue and see if your camera is consistent with mine.

Even if it is, it seems to be a silly workaround. Lock should mean lock, where the camera holds the locked value for the duration of the * period. Perhaps it has something to do with the extended behaviour of Lock: unlike other cameras, the K5 holds onto Lock even after shutter activation.

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