What went wrong thread- where did it go?

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Re: What went wrong thread- where did it go?

I would hate to have to start another thread- where did the "what went wrong thread-where did it go" go!!!(not sure I understand this myself!!)

Zee Char wrote:

jm67 wrote:

It was my hope and impression that some good folk at dpreview had the good sense to erase it from existence. Luckily I've not had a couple upset with photos I've done for them but, knock-on-wood, should I ever find myself with an unhappy customer, I would hope they'd have the confidence to come to me rather than open a thread on a camera forum where it doesn't belong. With only a few pics to judge (her?) on out of 4000 (really, seriously, who the heck hires someone to give them 4000 pics?...) I'd say there's blame to lay on both sides of the fence (shooter and shootee). There was just something really fishy about the whole thread anyway. Cheers to dpreview for deleting the whole sordid affair (hopefully by their choice though, I'm assuming).

I semi agree. The reason the OP posted this in the first place was because he was not sure if he was overreacting. He wanted to know if this is normal. Like tocar said welcome to the wolves at DPreview. I'm pretty sure the OP did not know that based on the amount of participation here. I can see why they pulled it. This one will probably be gone by tomorrow.

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