finally found a matching full-height travel tripod for ...

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finally found a matching full-height travel tripod for ...

... my little NEX.

After trying 3 different tripods i settled with this Velbon UT 43D and the smallest ballhead Cullmann has to offer. Let me give you an idea what are my requirements to an tripod that I can either always keep attached to my camera while traveling or is so small that it will fit in just any bag.

  • folded size shouldn't exceed 30cm

  • I need a quick release system

  • not more than 1kg

  • really quick to set up with just one move per leg

  • a full height tripod

  • stable enough to handle my NEX with up to 400g m-mount lenses

I went with the configuration you see on the pictures already on two trips and I'm really happy that this tripod was always with me that sometimes I even forget about it. Of course this setup is not for everyone and I also have some minor complains I wish they would work better but I thought it's worth sharing.

On this picture you see the tripod with the Cullmann ballhead and a magnet quick release attached. Below is the original ballhead that comes with the tripod. The Cullmann supports up to 1kg and is just ok with my heaviest lens attached. I went with the Cullmann because it's lighter and really good ballhead which allows fine adjustments.

On the next photo you can size the extrem small size of the tripod when folded. It wouldn't fold so small with the original ballhead.

Next to it is a cheapo Jobby which is basically useless for the NEX and I use it only for my flashes.

If anyone has a even better option please share it.

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