Sony/Zeiss 24mm f2 distagon experiences ??

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Re: Sony/Zeiss 24mm f2 distagon experiences ??

maig wrote:

thanks Jerome for the great effort.

You are welcome.

Actually I've been studying those pictures for the last few days. (Also trying to decide between the best 24mm for A77 and in the future FF). What I've noticed was the inconsistency between different test.

Indeed, and I can explain the inconsistency.

Horizon and architecture show that there is nothing better than 24mm f2. Look at the top part of the building at f2.8 (architecture)- hands down, across the frame. Nothing coms nearer. But the lower part of the image –“ pavement” (also architecture) is much sharper in e.g. za24-70 ?? This is quite strange. DOF is the same. So I assume that there might be some focus issue.

Yes. The Zoom focussed a bit closer . This is part of the test.

I can assure you that I checked the micro-AF of the lenses before doing the test. Actually, the adjustment was done for the horizon test, and this is when I found out that, at 24mm, it does make a difference when one focusses at the infinite or about 20m away (one step of microAF adjustment).

My idea is that AF accuracy is part of the lens test, at least in the A900 were one must simply trust the AF. It may be different on the A77 where live view is an option, but only if you plan to use a tripod and check with live view.

Horizon test - 24 f2 nothing short of outstanding . F2.8 is f5.6 in both ZA24-70 and ZA16-35, incredible!

But then it comes coma test. Here we have completely different results at f2.8 (I am not saying about coma itself). Here 24 f2 is tad better in maybe 10% of the frame (“Szenebar”, center-left top side)than the ZA24-70. Rest of the pictures is all ZA 24-70. Look at the glass door, the menu and the entrance doors on the right! I never consider za16-35. IMHO at 24 it drags behind when it comes to sharpness.

This test is only valid for coma. What you see is camera shake. I will add a warning to that respect. Sorry.

And another test “portrait”. This is a bit different 24mm vs 26mm. But if the focus was on the eyes of that “bronze figure” then ZA24-70 f2.8 is ZA24 f5.6!! Completely different results from what we had in horizon test. Just look at the face of this sculpture.

This test is only valid for bokeh. What you see are differences in focus. I will also add a warning to that effect. Sorry again.

So to be honest, tough call. From what I read about ZA24 f2 it should be better in almost every aspect (24mm) than za24-70

In practice, the lenses give very similar results. The zoom is incredibly good, the prime a bit better, but that is not really significant in actual use.

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