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Re: Need a new computer. Help

As others have said, you do have warranty on build your own computers. I think the warranty is even better. Imagine this scenario:

My friend was "bragging" about his Mac and his warranty. He told me that it was so easy. His computer started acting up and all he had to do was bring it to a Apple store and when it was done (a couple days I think) he just picked it up. Turned out to be a RAM problem. In reality, it was not that simple. He had to drive down to the MAC center, drop of his computer, had to wait (without a computer) for a couple days, and then drive back to pick it up.

Compare that to when I had a RAM problem on my build your own. I was not hesitant to "open" my rig to check to problem because it might void the warranty. I took out the defective stick, got an RMA, used the computer with less RAM until the replacement arrived. This is true for most problems. You only send the defective part and you can have the rest of the computer to use.

Hope this helps!


sanderdk wrote:

The Disadvantage of building your own would be warranty.

IF you run a business , do you really want to rely on homebuild equipment?

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