Help --- D700 - setting white balance for landscape photography -- ??

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Re: To Robin... Re: Help --- D700 - setting white balance for landscape photography -

Got to agree with John on the last point he made and many people miss.

Although a technically correct white balance is a great start point, unless you're photographing products or scientific work that requires an exact colour reproduction then an exact white balance isn't necessary. Get it close then work on it to add mood to your satisfaction.

And the other key point others have made - invest in a calibrator and decent screen.

This is after all the first place you will actually get to see your image and you need to ba able to trust that what it is showing you is correct. The Eizo screen in our studio cost as much as many camera bodies but it's over five years old, designed for the job, calibrates back to virtually the same same state as when when we purchased it and has saved many hours of reworking files and making prints.

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