Please help advice on WB. Which card and why? What's this one called?

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Re: Please help advice on WB. Which card and why? What's this one called?

I've just downloaded the two files that the OP supplied and would like to mention one thing that might be affecting his preference when looking at the two different items.

The left side of the frame appears to lit slightly differently to the right side of the frame, if you look at the black objects behind the little girl you can see a slight magenta cast on those on the left which is not present on those on the right.

This appears to be causing a difference on the two grey items so I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need to shoot them both at the same position relative to your lighting before making a judgement call on which is best. I've used both the Kodak Gray Card and the Ezybalance in the past and would choose the Ezybalance between the two as it always gave the better result.

Also bear in mind that the original Kodak Gray Card was designed for film work as an aid to setting the exposure more than colour - it is reasonably neutral but not as good as the modern targets such as the X-Rite ColorCheckers, Robin Meyers Digital Gray Card, etc.

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