Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Seriously?

Nadia373 wrote:

You are right and I am upset with myself. I have not learned the full capacity of the camera going from the D70 I did not do my homework, however with all your input I got it. I am a fast learner and appreciate all your help. I always shoot in A that was mistake number one, did not consider the shutter speed, mistake number two and yes I messed up with the F stop number four.

People can be rather harsh on forums. Just ignore the criticism, take it as a learning experience and keep going (which you seem to be doing). It is in fact fairly easy to mistake blur from mis-focus, too slow of shutter speed, and subject movement. Definitely, for Hockey, look into using the modes S or M with auto ISO enabled up to ISO 3200. I mention M mode with auto ISO, as this allows you to control both the aperture and the shutter speed and the camera will vary the ISO to get the exposure right.

As others have said, you want probably 1/500 to stop the action. This is why many pros use an f/2.8 lens instead of a kit like a 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6. The f/2.8 over f/5.6 at the 200mm end will let you use 4 times the shutter speed. In bright light the kit lens is probably suitable, but in a low light arena you really need the larger aperture.

I was too lazy to bring my 70-200 VR b/c I was told it does not work well on full frame mistake number five. Definetly not reading the manual and going back to the forum for questions knocked me out.

I actually see this all the time on forums. "Someone said that this lens ..." so they don't use it. Take these with a grain of salt. Many of these people are being extremely critical of something that might only be slightly worse in reality, or might be using it in a different way.

I think in the case of the 70-200 VR, is that the lens is not quite as good at the edges of the frame as the newer VR II version, but for 90% of pictures you probably wouldn't notice a difference, especially on a D700 (this camera is not very particular on the lenses it uses since it is a 12 MP full frame camera).

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