Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

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Re: Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

OneGuy wrote:

... Now I have an opportunity to buy a new G1 (yes, the original m4/3) and in the four reviews I read there is nothing but prize for the cam.

Except that these reviews are three years old and do not include much of the real world experience. Before I buy the G1 I wonder if there is a downside to them.
Okay, this one is red ...

I wanted a red one.
I have a black one ... great camera.
A downside : no video, If you want that kind of thing.
Other downsides ... nope, can't think of any.

I use my olympuses more because they have one function I use all the time and the G1 does not have that particular function ... nevermind.

G1 has good bracketing options, a good EVF, good multi-film-mode, good swiveltilt LCD, good useable surface texture, good shape for actually using the thing, good external controls.
Hey its not very good with the pop-up flash, bit inconsistent and harsh.
Not very good above 800 iso, later cameras deal with that stuff better.
Well' thats some stuff to think about.
Good kit lens 14-45

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