The Freedom challenge - some thoughts

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The Freedom challenge - some thoughts

I am the nasty boy who submit a flag on a warship and who is the opinion that this could also embody the idea of freedom

I do not want to start a political discussion.
I have only one question: did I completely miss the spirit of the challenge?

May be the host could also give a short feedback.

I reflected a long time whether to submit or not and for those having some time, here are some of my thoughts:

Why submit, some Pros:

The idea to consider a rattle snake as a symbol of freedom seems to me quite understandable. It is not aggressive but ready to defend its freedom when someone treads on it.
The flag underlines this by containing the appropriate words.
This flag is a bit more specific as a freedom symbol than just a national flag.

In connection with a warship the spirit of the flag (readiness to defend freedom) is even more emphasised.

The challenge rules did not ask for a common or typical symbol or the personal favourite symbol, but just for a symbol and at least for some people it IS a symbol of freedom.

Living in freedom or freedom in general has another meaning and dimension than just feel free and/or jump for joy
Google with Don’t tread on me and freedom will show more than 2 million hits
The composition is reasonably well.

Some Cons:

Voters using thumbnails might not get the meaning of the flag, do not read the inscription.

Some people would not understand why a flag in combination with a warship is a symbol of freedom.

Personal political opinion, e.g. pacifist attitude, let people vote according this attitude and not objective, that means do not accept the image as a freedom symbol, because it is none according their attitude.
The image looks a bit martial and warlike.

Someone who just feels free or a bird in the air will get more votes than a flag on a warship.

Regarding my personal opinion about this freedom symbol: not every military action was done and will be done in the spirit of the rattle snake (too much military actions without been treaded before), but nevertheless, that speaks IMO not against the spirit of the flag as a symbol of freedom.

To summarize: I am convinced that this image shows a symbol of freedom but I did not expect a high ranking. But finally I submitted it because I was really curious about the outcome.

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