Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

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Re: All about price...

kenw wrote:

Panasonic did an amazingly good job with their first m43 camera, the G1. If the lack of video is not a problem for you then you will find it an excellent camera.

The 14-45 is a wonderful lens, and I would in general recommend it over the 14-42. Nice thing about the G1 is it comes with the 14-45.

The G1 is an older body, has an older sensor, no touch screen, EVF not quite as nice as the newest cameras. None of those things is a flaw, all together they do make the newer cameras feel a bit more refined. One plus compared to more recent cameras, it will use the same battery as your GF1.

Again, assuming video is not an issue, I'd take a G1+14-45 over a G2+14-42 for the same price.

So really, it comes down to what price you are getting. As someone else pointed out, be sure to include the price of the 14-45. If it is a good deal I'd say go for it.

I certainly don't think you'll be disappointed if you like your GF1.


I bought a used G1 with 14-45 and 45-200 for about 400 euro (or 600 USD) half a year ago. A major reason I went for this deal was that I wanted the lenses, especially the 14-45, and this was a pretty inexpensive way of getting them. While I plan to upgrade the body in the not so distant future, I am happy shooting with the G1. The quirks I have found are rather minor and do not really bother me.

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