Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

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Re: Any downsides to Pana G1 w/14-45 lens?

OneGuy wrote:

I recently bought a new GF1 w/20mm pancake and am very happy with it. Now I have an opportunity to buy a new G1 (yes, the original m4/3) and in the four reviews I read there is nothing but prize for the cam.

Except that these reviews are three years old and do not include much of the real world experience. Before I buy the G1 I wonder if there is a downside to them.

Okay, this one is red (and that's okay), but if you had some bad or quirky things happen, please post.

Think of the G1 as your GF1 with the control wheel moved to the front, no video, but with a VFD. It is about the same size, has the same features, and uses the same batteries. I had both and preferred the G1, the VFD made up for the slightly larger profile.

It isn't until the GH2 and G3 that you really get into newer and better sensors with m4/3rds. I took a lot of great photos with my G1 and still use it when conditions may be rough.

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