What is your 'go to' lens ?

Started Jan 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tony Finnerty Senior Member • Posts: 2,581
Couldn't get by without the 35-100

I've photographed way over 100 concerts and shows for the Center for the Arts in the past 2+ years. (Check out the second link in my sig, if you like.) The stages are generally dimly lit but flash isn't allowed, so most shots are taken at f/2, ISO 1600, and whatever shutter speed I can get.

In other volunteer work, I just got home from photographing a Sustainable Food and Farm conference, with speakers at a podium and a video on stage, at f/2 and ISO 1600 again.

Rejection rate on technical grounds averages maybe 70% because shutter speeds are slow. If I had to use a slower lens, it would be close to 100%. I'm saving pennies to extend my focal length range in low light with the 14-35. If the OM-D has specs that match the rumors, it's my next camera.

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