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Re: D800 AA filter

M Lammerse wrote:

And in the new camera without the optional AA filter it will be taken care of partly by an other sensor data processing technique in-camera..hence the higher price.

This sounds futile, based on fundamental principles. Even an identical sensor with an anti-aliasing filter would be flawed as an aliasing detection device, because there simply isn't a perfect (and commercially acceptable) anti-aliasing filter. If you want rock solid, quantitative detection of aliased imaging, you need a sampling system with bandwidth (resolution) which greatly exceeds the bandwidth of the desired image. A factor of 2 or 4 greater sampling resolution simply isn't enough.

Any auxiliary sensor would have its own set of sampling problems and issues, and is just as likely to introduce new and unpalatable artifacts as it is likely to effectively serve to identify and remove aliasing artifacts.

The detection and removal of aliasing -- outside the controlled conditions of the laboratory -- is really in the eye of the beholder (the photographer). Any photographer demanding enough to consider a camera with AA filter is also demanding enough to have the final say in "aliasing detection and removal". I use the quotation marks because there is no algorithm for identifying aliasing in a complex image (without a reference image) with certainty.

Which leads to the next assertion: If the photographer's "eye" is the arbiter of aliasing detection and application of filtering, then this capability belongs in the developing lab -- the darkroom known as post-processing -- rather than in the camera's image processor.

Will there be a market for precisely "soft" lenses, specifically identified for use as anti-aliasing filters for camera bodies which lack AA filters? Perhaps there is (will be) a market about to be created for Iliah's carefully calibrated nylon stocking filter.

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