:::::Weekly Street Photography - January 22th::::

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:::::Weekly Street Photography - January 22th::::

The current Weekly Street Photography is here again to share your best
images in this tough but rewarding genre.

You can find the ::: HISTORICAL CORNER ::: where you can post your
personal favorites from masters of street photography of the past!

Below that is the ::: TECHNICAL CORNER ::: where you can post
technical tips and/or questions concerning street photography.

Next we have the ::: PORTRAITS CORNER ::: where you can post
your candid street portraits.

Next, for street pictures that at one glance tell a story without
needing any words we have the ::: DECISIVE MOMENT CORNER :::

Then we have ::: THIS WEEKS THEME :::
where you can post photographs that fit in with this weeks theme.

And finally, ::: CURIO SHOP - odd, bizarre & unusual in SP :::
for various street photos depicting oddities, which from time to time
we all encounter during our prowls (more about it in the corner's intro).

General street photos that don't fit in any of the above categories
can be posted in " the Street Photography eXchange " -
(see elsewhere on this forum for the current thread)

You can find the WSP Archives here:

Street photography isn't about architecture; it is the art of
photographing people in the city
as they interact with other people,
their surroundings, or with you, the photographer.

As a rule: "STREET" = any public space .

There are many different ways and styles to do street photography.
You can use a longer lens, trying to blend into a background and hoping
people won't notice you, or you can use a wide lens and engage with the
people you are capturing with your camera.

Street photography is a rewarding form of photography where style,
personality, and serendipity become a part of the picture.

And please remember to leave comments/remarks on the works of
others, and not only responses to your own posts

Frank Dobbs wrote:
"Street photography is the poetry of the street."

"Street photography is a state of mind, a way of looking at the world
that is both realistic, per force, and romantic, and thoughtful.
This is HCB's hand, and heart and mind.

"It understands that man, not birds in flight, or insects, or trees,
is the most beautiful mystery in the created world.
But Street photography extends that subset of art, and poetry,
that believes that man does not sit still to be best captured,
that the ineffable mystery of the human heart, and life, is caught
on the wing, that it catches the throat and makes tears rise up
from unexpected places.

"We live like water spiders, striding, and skittering
across the surface of a great ocean of joy and pain
that Street photography crystallizes into that we dare not look at,
really look at, for more than a few seconds at a time."

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