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Re: Disappointed

tom wrote:

Unfortunately, the Minolta / KM ringflash/macro twin flash controller is not in production, by either KM or Sony, and when they can be found they are extremely expensive.

Now it goes farther than that, Sony has discontinued the twin macro flash too. Now Sony has no macro flash at all.

I expect if they bring out anything new it will be a LED light for video macro, not a flash.

I've been experimenting with what I can do with LED lights (not sony ones) but while they can work for flowers and such, really don't substitute for proper macro flash for things that move. And even with flowers flash is better as it stops motion from wind and such.

For now I have more than one of the Minolta 1200 macro ringflash and 2400 twin macro flash. Though one of the macro ringflash heads is going a bit flaky. Nothing lasts forever.

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