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Re: Too much talk of shortcomings and not enough of capabilities . . . balance is off

But the fact that "for some uses, it's the only game in town" has been relegated to a footnote in an evaluation of the value of the camera.

Maybe, but those users generally also sometimes take photos indoors, or at times when there isn't great light outdoors too. Or give the camera to someone else to take photos at kids parties, dinners, etc. The Auto ISO behaviour on a camera for that market DOES make a big difference to the effectiveness of the camera. I have an Olympus XZ-1, so I know from experience. It has similar behaviour, bringing down shutter speed in lower-light (not talking LOW light, just lower light) to silly speeds like 1/2 sec to 1/5 sec shutter ... which is virtually impossible to handhold steadily, even with great concentration, and makes it close to pointless for someone just taking snapshots.

Now, I can just put the camera into shutter-priority mode and adjust the speed as needed, but that's not something that these users really do, on the whole. And, the J1/V1 don't have a mode dial and lens ring to quickly change like that.

For the non-photographer, the Auto-ISO behaviour can be a big deal.

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