G1x is a fail and here's why...

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Re: Agree

See-the-Light wrote:

LOL - I don't resent anyone buying anything

And as you said Canon might sell a few

That's the problem because they then hold back on giving rebels even more

I don't think you should be too concerned about Canon neglecting their Rebel line because of the G1X.


In terms of units, DSLR related items make up 28% of sales for Canon, but they make up 70% of their camera in terms of revenue.

Canon is not trying to compete against Rebels with G1X. G1X is trying to compete squarely against the mirrorless ILCs, based on its price point. Looks like they and Panasonic came out with the first "large sensor collapsible zooms" at almost the same time, and coincidentally ended up producing cameras with almost identical names (G1X, GX1X) with their carry size absolutely dependent on those collapsible zooms.

In fact, really , you could argue that regardless of how good the G1X lens turns out to be, the real revolution here is its collapsible zoom. The panasonic 14-42 x zoom and the canon 15.1-65 zoom are unprecedented and exactly what the market wanted. The 14-42x lens is flat sold out everywhere and is the sole reason anybody is buying GF3. The Canon G1X will sell out as well, primarily because the lens allows it to be almost the same size as a G12.

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