Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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Re: Review of the J1 and V1 are up

webrunner5 wrote:
But the average person could care less about a V1

They need to buy a J1

$800.00 is way more then the new Apple Iphone cost.

wrong.. tell me exactly how much the new iPhone costs?

Like I said in another thread I have 5 children and NONE of them even own a real camera. They all take them with their Smartphones. The world has changed now with Smartphones. Do they take perfect pictures, No, but guess what they have it with them 24/7. Small cameras on average are a thing of the past.

Then your children don't need any of the cameras discussed on this forum and they aren't going to buy a G1 X either. Not sure what your point is? You want Nikon to make phones with cameras?

And yes I would take the G1X over the V1. Like I am going to carry around 3 lenses and a flash in a bag to walk around town to take shots in this day and age. Not.

As long as you're ok with the only option being a slow lens, don't need fast AF or longer reach .... then I might agree with you. The V1 with 2 (or 3) lenses and flash is very light and fits in a really small bag but I'm sure you've already figured that out with your top notch research.

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