Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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The biggest problem with this DPR review ...

... is that the cameras are being judged by enthusiasts.

For example, Simon Joinson said,

“Most of the press launch was spent talking about the 'facebook generation' and how this camera would be marketed as the ultimate point and shoot. Our point was that it fails in this respect. We had several cameras, one of which I spent some time at home with doing normal family photography of young, active children indoors, using the auto mode. I found the experience deeply frustrating. It's a far better camera if you know what you're doing.”

Should we expect a compact camera to nail the shots of active children indoors? Shouldn't we be using a D3?

The point is that P&S upgraders don't know better. Yes, the enthusiasts know that a pic is unsharp because of 1/15s shutter. But, this is far better than a P&S which back focus or can't focus lock.

I suppose that's why Smart Photo Selector is prominently featured on the control dial. And, why the AF assist light is enabled for SPS.

Here's an example of 1/10s at ISO 400. Got to take a lot of frames to get one usable.

The key test is the feedback from non-enthusiasts. What do they tell their friends?

Do they say that N1 is not as good as the D3 they used last week? Or, that they finally nailed a spontaneous smile at the dinner table.

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