First Report on V1

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AlbieSky wrote:

So you kept it? What is your conclusion?

IQ is good. Colors exemplary though landscape picture control is too saturated.

For DSLR users, learn to trust the machine. You do need to test the camera to see what its preferences are. For example, how to frame your subject to get the best of auto AF.

Exposure is fine. You can afford to run a little hot because highlights can be recovered.

DPR is right about slow shutter speed. At the limit, the machine tends to keep ISO down (1/10s or 1/15s). So, just switch to Shutter mode 1/30s in low light. That's what Auto ISO is there for.

V1 is exceptional value for its toughness and operational speed. 10Fps and a buffer of 40 NEF+JPY is to die for.

Actually very little needs to be done. Just a quick menu, and add configurable functions to the control dial. Tighten that darn control dial. Add focus peaking.

The potential is there for a mini pro camera because of the tremendous amount of processing power Nikon was able to engineer into the camera at a reasonable cost. That processing power can be deployed in a number of different ways.

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