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Think about it a bit... even a film camera using slide stock is not capturing the image as-is. I used to shoot velvia on an SLR because I enjoyed HOW it interpreted the scene. Now, I can buy a plug-in that can convert my raw to something similar.

The moment you release the shutter, if you are capturing RAW, you're storing something that you can't actually see UNLESS you apply filtering of some kind to it that represents it in a viewable format.

JPG is once again a representation of what the sensor captured.

Contrast curves, softening, noise reduction, image compression, colour balance, DR compression are all applied in-camera for JPG and sometimes also for RAW to some degree.

Software and plug-in use in my world can be divided into 3 use categories - experimentation by which we learn about the effects, conscious application whereby we decide that we want something that the plug-in offers and finally speeding up how we obtain a desired result.

To say that there are lots of packages and software that allow us to achieve desirable outcomes is an understatement. The choice is huge but it's just that - choice. Choose to do something or not to. We choose to take photographs and process them as best as we can.

Back to shooting film, you have the choice of film, the choice of paper, the choice of how to process them and also the choice to make corrections (The lab would do this and you could certainly tell which labs were good and bad).

I don't see the difference - except that we now view most of the photos on-screen and therefore don't have the skills of a lab professional to rely on in producing a good colour balance - we need to do that ourselves.


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