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Re: Novices?

Jorgen E wrote:

Barney Britton wrote:

This is our point - the J1 and V1 will let novices down, in some respects.

And my point is, that this review fails in understanding that the V1 to a rather large extent, seems to be used by other photographers than those almost mythical "novices".

Everyone I know, who has bought a V1 (four people, five with me), are somewhere between "keen amature" and "semi-professional".

Actually we were told specifically by several senior Nikon execs that the Nikon 1 system is 'not designed for the enthusiast market' (and, in as many words, that neither camera was aimed at the typical dpreview visitor). Most of the press launch was spent talking about the 'facebook generation' and how this camera would be marketed as the ultimate point and shoot. Our point was that it fails in this respect. We had several cameras, one of which I spent some time at home with doing normal family photography of young, active children indoors, using the auto mode. I found the experience deeply frustrating. It's a far better camera if you know what you're doing.
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