Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Nikon 1 sounds pointless, even the focus system not impressive

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

As to the autofocus, I think on sensor phase detect AF is the way of the future. One thing that is special about it is that the F mount AF-S Nikkors autofocus on adapter as well as they would on a DSLR. There is no CDAF jitter when PDAF is working.

According to the review, Nikon DSLR lenses are not fully supported. They only work in S-AF mode, and they don't focus as fast as the native "1" lenses.

" The FT1 allows F-mount lenses to be used with 1 System cameras with impressively few limitations. AF-S lenses will achieve focus (using the cameras' phase-detection system, interestingly), and VR is supported using those lenses that offer it. Focus is 'single shot' only though - AF-C is not an option, and the system is noticeably less useful in poor lighting than we'd expect from one of Nikon's entry-level DSLRs, so although the 2.7x focal length magnification might be tempting, don't expect either the V1 or J1 to offer D7000-like (or even D3100-like) focussing speed or accuracy when coupled with one of your F-mount AF-S lenses."

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