Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Nice, but not practical for most.

First up the 70-200 is about a 200 - 540 f2.8 lens. With teleconverter it is 280 - 756 at f4. It is hand holdable without tele-converter has a tripod foot for use on a gimbal. Not practical for most people and as I said i'm comparing it to the 100-300 with the custom tripod collar from Germany (a super well made adaption for the 100-300 that I highly recommend).

V1 feels good in the hand. It does weigh more than you would expect but I prefer a solid camera. I didn't go into m4/3 to have microscopic pocketable. I bought it to not carry a huge back of full frame lenses (I know that flies in the face of the 70-200 but that is not part of my everyday kit).

For me the size of the GF3 starts to get too small unless all you want for it is the 14-42x or one of the small primes.

I bought the flash for the V1 and really like it. Swivels and bounces and does a great job.

I'm not telling people to go out and buy the Nikon 1 and the issues that DPReview brought up are valid. In the thread on the Nikon forum the reviewers basically said if they solved the firmware issue would it change the review and the answer was yes (so similar to the firmware update on the X100 and NEX 5).

I was headed to AZ this weekend and the combo I chose for the weekend was the NEX 7 with 18-200 and contax G 35mm. fits in a very small bag/camera insert and in my carry on bag for the weekend. The NEX 7 is by far the best mirrorless camera so far, great controls, great IQ.

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