Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Nice, but not practical for most.

TEBnewyork wrote:

As for lenses I don't really see any major overlaps that I need.

Sony 18-200, 30 macro, 50 f1.8, ultrawide zoom (not decided on yet), fast portrait

Nikon 10-30, 30-110, 40 macro (DX lens can do portraits for now) 70-200, 1.4x TC

I like macros for close focus not and sharpness not necessarily macro work

Well the Sony 18-200 and Nikon 10-30/30-110 pretty much overlap.

IF Sony follows though with the A55 replacement with the 24MP sensor, then you could get everything in one package. That Nikon with the big adapter just seems akward to me and makes little sense.

It is shame you got a bad copy of the 14-42X lens. I was shocked at how sharp mine was. It fits in my pocket and is an amazing lens. It is funny that my 2 best lenses are pancakes.

btw, tell me more about how the V1 feels. I only held on for a second and it seemed heavy. The sensor, lack of fast lens and no flash killed it for me. With a NEX you can live without a flash, but not the Nikon.

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