Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

TEBnewyork wrote:

Those were a few of the shots I already had loaded on DPReview in the gallery while I was I was stuck with a long airport delay last night.

Sorry, this curiosity of the system got started with a trip that I made to Kenya where I've posted that I could have used about two more stops of available lens speed or ISO. On that trip I used the GH2 and 100-300 for 95% of my shooting and > 75% was at the 300mm end of the 100- 300 lens. What I could have used is a way to put the 100-300mm on a gimbal instead of handheld for everything. So, with the Nikon I get f2.8 and if I want to use a teleconverter I can still go longer and stay faster.

I did not in any way say that the Nikon 1 is more robust system etc.. I did say that I was testing it out for long lens use.

What I will say is that Nikon got it very right with the power they put into they system. On the G3 if I do a burst of just three shots even with a fast card I have to wait a while to review the shots and it gets annoying. Just not the case on the V1. The processing power they put in the camera should be a lesson to m4/3.

Silent shooting with the electronic shutter also works quite well.

Again - nowhere did I pronounce it a better system overall right now. But then again the combo of the V1 and NEX 7 will probably end up replacing my m4/3 kit.

micksh6 wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

If you want to take advantage of the crop factor the 70-200 f2.8 (approx 190-540mm) makes for a very fast long lens.

Seriously? $2400 lens and 1.5 kilogram heft is all what I need to get advantage of Nikon 1 system? Where can I sign?

BTW, most of your shots are with F5.6. I guess you could as well use Nikon 70-300mm on DX body and crop a bit. 5 times cheaper, 3 times lighter.

Olympus are the best setup for most third party lenses. Because they have IBIS. No one else has. But for you, perhaps a Sony A65 or A77 might be the best choice.

Back to Nikon, it looks like a committee made camera. Hence they introduced two of them. And both have some really major failings, not including the sensor issues. And worst probably the cost and bulk of their long zoom tel lens. Its heavy, costly, and big. Perhaps Four Thirds really is the right compromise afterall.

IMO the reason Olympus did not introduce an EVF, was because of some kind of marketing plan that Panasonic and Olympus must have laid out years ago. Fortunately soon we'll get an Olympus with an EVF in built, and it might be a great camera. I just hope the people pricing it are not the same ones as those that priced Nikons 1 cameras, which IMO are overpriced for what one gets (in other words, what one paid for but missed out on).

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