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Suggestion for forum split

I've been seeing yet another set of posts which talk about how a given camera has "blown away" or "spanked" or beat the pants off" competitors (not just on the Olympus related forums, but others). You know the threads: people talk about how a dpr review is either great-or dead wrong-inasmuch as it supports their desire for the camera of the moment to be better than any other. Usually, of course, this comes down to sensor performance, especially noise levels at high ISO (as though the rest of the world bases buying decisions on that one parameter).

As a result, I am considering petitioning DPReview to split all forums into 2 sub-categories.

One subcategory: "People Who Buy (Camera Brand) Because They Like the Photos They Make with That Brand"

The other subcategory: "People Who Buy (Camera Brand) In Order to Bolster Their Egos by Feeling They Own Better Gear Than Anyone Else"

Hows that sound? I think it would clean things up nicely, don't you?

I for one would stick to the first category and not miss a thing from those who would be best suited for posting in the second category. And I really do wonder about people who seem to be preoccupied with how well a camera does on dpr compared to what they own. Wouldn't engaging in Fantasy Football or owning Racing Gerbils feed their competitive drive more?

What subcategory would you find yourself posting in the most, and why?

Let the responses, if any, begin. Have fun

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