Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

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Paul Concannon New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

Jay, that was me over on FM. I'm still in the dark as to exactly what went on, but the problem does seem to have diminished visibly - in that I now rarely see the dreaded wheel marks. Contrary to my initial enthusiasm, I don't think the problem has gone away completely, but nowadays I only see the marks in very dark areas and only when I go hunting for it. I don't think it would be visible, even in those areas, to a more casual inspection, unless the lighting were just right (or just wrong, depending on how you look at this).

I also for various reasons switched to Harman by Hahnemumhle gloss baryta for most printing, and don't print so much on GFS any more. The H by H does seem a bit more resistant to this sort of issue than the GFS is/was.

Finally, I did explore the front feeder solution as well. I only print up to A3+, so the size limitation wasn't an issue. I had to turn the printer sideways on the desk it was on to get enough room out the back, but that was do-able. The main problem I had was that in the absence of anything holding down the paper when it's going through the printer, it was prone to ink swelling and getting scratched either on the printer head through head strikes or on one of the oddly numerous bits of sharp plastic that Epson (in their wisdom) seem to incorporate in the print path. I did briefly experiment with trying to tape down the paper onto the backing board that you have to use with the front paper path, but wasn't very successful.

No magic solutions I'm afraid.

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